Completely unwind. In our Bed and breakfast - Hotelresort.

Enjoy the fresh low mountain ranges of East-Crete. The rooms are cool in summer and warm in winter, due to an innovative and environment friendly system. Views over mountains, olive groves and sea are breathtaking. The sunrise is a special experience! 

The villagers of unspoilt Kroustas invite you to slow down and to raise a glass with them. Kroustas is within walking distance (300 m.) and has two good restaurants.

Or ask Jacques and Hans to organize a table d'hôtes and meet some other guests. Jacques is an excellent chef they say!

Hans will tell you everything about special places. Like a famous Byzantine chapel with 13th century frescoes, a strategically located Dorian city, a magical walk through mountains and forests around 300 Minoan farms, the fine sandy beaches where you also can have a good lunch. Or we will help you find your way to the Dikti Mountains with peaks up to 2600 meters.

There is so much to do, or just do...nothing, and let yourself be pampered.

Welcome! Jacques Poot and Hans Rutten

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