A unique meetingplace for small groups

5 comfortable rooms combined with conference facilities on a beautiful quiet location with fantastic views

Enjoy the fresh mountains of East-Crete. Views over olive groves and sea are breathtaking.

The newly build complex is situated on an altitude of app. 500 meters above sealevel on a hillslope, 300 meters away from the rural village of Kroustas, on the provincial road from Agios Nikolaos to Prina. It overlooks magnificently the surrounding mountains, olive groves and Mirambello-bay. There is free parking on the road and, if necessary, one parking place close to the entrance, as a convenience to less mobile guests.
The Villa offers 5 luxury rooms (3 keys on a scale of 4) and are provided with many convenient extra’s. Every room has its own big terrace facing mountains and sea. There are 2 conference rooms on different levels, a professional kitchen and many places and terraces where guests can mingle. Also there is a big patio where guests could stay on a windy day. The complete building is cooled in summer and heated in winter on a standard level with an innovative and environmentally friendly system. There is free Wifi all over the place.

Conference facilities

Villa Dio Petres has 2 airconditioned conference-rooms, equipped with laptop, beamer, screen and flipover board, quality-audio, Wifi. One of these rooms offers a philosophy library (mostly Dutch titles). Also a large patio is available.

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Jacques Poot is a professional chef at a high level. He has extensive experience in cooking for smaller and larger groups, lunches and dinners, receptions, for private occasions as well business meetings. While living in Crete he specializes in a fusion of the different Mediterranean cuisines. Of course, Cretan dishes are also possible, but preferably we will have these prepared by local chefs. A very wide range of vegetarian dishes, as also common on Crete, is possible. Specific dietary requirements will be taken into account.   Services during meetings, lunches and dinners, can be deployed in the desired manner, loosely or tightly, simply or chic, depending on the desired atmosphere. Even dinner with luxury table- and silverware is possible, or a luxury picnic on location.


Does it appeal to you?

Tell us your wishes. Crete is our second homeland. We know many authentic restaurants, intriguing valleys with a special story, nearly unknown archeological sites and beautiful hiking trails in the cool mountains. Maybe philosophy can be a source of inspiration for your group. We are happy to make a special arrangement for you. Hans Rutten and Jacques Poot

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